Buying or Selling your House in Western Newfoundland and Labrador


September 29th, 2015

Moving your family into a new home and/or a new area can be stressful. There are many adjustments and the process can be emotional. As real estate professionals we understand the dynamics of this process.

It is important to view a real estate transaction as a business transaction. Essentially buying and/or selling a home is a business transaction. Therefore, it is important to make decisions that are not based on emotion and this is what a real estate professional helps you through.

When you are a home buyer and moving there are many different things you will want to know, for example if you have kids you will want to know the location of the schools, what neighbourhoods have children living in the area and what neighbourhoods are on the bus route. Knowing the location of certain services in the community might be important, for example, where the churches are located or the gymnastics club, brownies, guides, etc.

Some other things you will want to know are if I am buying in another province can I use the same lawyer and can I use the same bank? What are my closing costs? If the area is remote what is the distance to service areas? If a person is nearing retirement or retired they will want to know where is the closest hospital or clinic? What about drug stores? Is there employment in the area for a spouse or summer jobs for students?

Real estate professionals are experts on the communities they service and as you build a relationship with your agent, these are all the things they can assist you with finding out.

Most importantly what is market value for the homes in the area. A buyer, in most cases, will have a budget, but they will not know what that budget will get them. In addition, if a buyer is moving from a larger area, to a smaller area, they will not know fair market value for the area where they are buying and as a result they may pay too much. A real estate professional will walk you through this process and they will show you many homes in your price range so not only will you have the confidence from what the professional tells you, but you will also see for yourself what is a fair price to pay.

If you are purchasing a home that needs renovations and you are new to an area it will be important for you to know what contractors in the area are qualified. These are invaluable pieces of information that a real estate professional will give you.

When you are selling and moving there are many different things you will want to know, for example, if you have some time to plan your move, then you will want to know what is the best time of year to list. What renovations do I need to complete in order to get my home ready for the market? What should I ask for the property? If I have to move before the house is sold, what should I leave in the house? What moving companies can I hire? What renovations will yield the highest return? If one spouse has to leave before the other, what steps should we take so it does not interfere with the process? What documentation will I need to prepare to sell? Do I need a lawyer to sell? What about breaking my mortgage contract with the bank? What about capital gains if I have more than one property to sell? These are the types of questions you will need answered when selling to move.

These are examples of questions and knowledge buyers and sellers need but it does not even address the negotiation and closing of a sale. Your real estate agent is a master at this process.

Our business is to make sure that every stage of the moving process is easy and stress free for our clients. Contact a real estate professional from our company today.

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