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Why is Facebook important to selling my home?

August 9th, 2017
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Why is Facebook important to selling my home?

It occurred to me about five years ago that Facebook had great marketing potential for my real estate business. It is only now that we are truly seeing the benefits of this powerful tool.

Facebook is the perfect place to advertise real estate for a few reasons. Firstly there are many people that are extremely interested in real estate even if they aren’t in the market to buy or sell anything. They love to know what is selling and what things are selling for. They love to know who is moving into the area. What areas seem to be the most popular? Who is buying what and what the pricing trends are. I guess simply put, we are all interested and nosey. Facebook is the hyper platform for nosey.

Communities house real estate and communities are another platform highly viewed on Facebook.

Real estate agents have highly dynamic careers and are involved with many local people and Facebook is the best place to highlight and demonstrate these attributes in a “real” way.

As an entrepreneur I can see that the days of people spending any amount of time looking for anything on the internet are quickly coming to an end. We have to be where they are and where are they?? Mostly they are on Facebook. So we have to be there and we have to be there in a meaningful way.

So if you are selling your property you need to know, is your agent using Facebook as a platform to advertise your property. However, there are some other things that you need to know about the meaningful and effective exposure on Facebook. Anyone can post a property and any and most agents are probably doing that, BUT, posting something and the post being seen are two totally different things.

Here are some things you can ask and research for yourself to see if your agent is using Facebook effectively.

1. Does the brokerage your agent is partnered with employ support people who are responsible for their technology (website) and social media support for their agents. An agent may do this work themselves but is their brand and company putting efforts into this area. If they are, it is important to them.

2. How many followers do they have on their page? The page would be for the company and this shows how many people content is being exposed to.

3. Some agents also make use of their own personal pages and if they do, how many friends does your agent have on their profile?

4. Have you seen any content or properties through this agent or company prior to being their client?

5. Scroll through the content on the pages and investigate the activity and how often there are postings. Is the content interesting?

6. Are they using videos?

These are a few of the things you should look for when you are trying to determine if your property will be effectively advertised on Facebook. There are so many creative ways that Facebook can be used in this industry and it is extremely effective in getting the word out about your property.

Ninety percent of property shopping is initiated online. This is a space that your salesperson should be in. In our technology world it is so much more important now, than ever before, that your agent is strong in this area. The agents working under a large franchise banner definitely have an advantage in this space. Companies like Re/Max have multi levels of online advertising from the franchise level to the brokerage level to the salesperson which gives them greater exposure and recognisability for searches like google, bing, etc. Facebook also plays into this online picture that is painted and created to give marketing power that gets your house SOLD!!!!

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